Marlene Cummins & Band Live & Streaming
@ Butchers Brew Bar, Dulwich Hill


Marlene and her All Star Band featuring Rex Goh (guitar), Noel Elmowy (keys), Craig Calhoun (bass), Calvin Welch (drums) and special guest Jason Morphett (sax) are back performing live at Butchers Brew Bar, Dulwich Hill on Saturday 18 July. There are limited in-venue tickets and the event will be streamed live around the globe! So tune in and get your live or streaming tickets.


Marlene Cummins & Band Live at Girrakool 2020.


Marlene and her band will take the stage at Girrakool 3:30pm Saturday 7 March. Girrakool Blues Festival & BBQ is held in the Mt Penang Event Park Kariong, on the Central Coast NSW, situated conveniently between Newcastle and Sydney, and only a 2 minute drive from the M1 Motorway. Tickets are on sale now!


Bankstown Arts Centre | Australia | World Premiere
14-18 January 2020.


Hold your index finger and thumb close together against a bright background, then bring them together. They seem to touch before they actually do. That, in its simplest form, is the Black Drop Effect.

It’s also a new play by Yuwaalaraay woman Nardi Simpson; storyteller, performer, and songwriter with Stiff Gins. Black Drop Effect is an immersive, multi-layered exploration of black and white, generational conflict, and the ongoing effects of colonisation.

Binno (William McPherson) is an Aboriginal elder and erstwhile member of a community dance group who is asked to present a series of traditional dances, alongside an actor reading extracts from Captain Cook’s diaries, for a 26 January celebration.

Binno is unsure, until his straight-talking sister Beenie (Marlene Cummins) convinces him to teach the dances to three young men seeking connections with culture, country and their place in the world. As they learn the dances and understand their meanings, a bigger plan emerges.

Produced by Bankstown Arts Centre, and directed by Felix Cross, Black Drop Effect is an immersive, multi-layered experience that draws audiences into the contested space of ideas and emotions inspired by the 250 years of Australia’s colonial history.

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