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BLACK PANTHER WOMAN Premieres on SBS November 1

BLACK PANTHER WOMAN Premieres on SBS November 1

6 MARLENE CUMMINS visiting New York for the international Black Panther Conference. BLACK PANTHER WOMAN © Blackfella Films 2014. Photo by Alina Gozin’a

In January 1972, an Australian Black Panther Party was formed in the police state of Brisbane, Australia.

This is a story told in the words of Marlene Cummins, a woman who experienced the best and worst of the short lived and controversial Black Panther movement. Inspired by their stylish African Americans brothers, a handful of Australian Aborigines adapt the movement to their own local flavour.

Marlene Cummins is swept up in a wild romance with their poster boy leader, Dennis Walker, and through their relationship becomes politically awakened. Through the prism of Panther ideology she begins to understand the historical and social context of her personal suffering and that of her people.

Black Panther Woman reveals many narrative nuances, as Marlene explores the legacy of the racism and mysogny that she has faced throughout her life and her attempts to heal herself.

After 18 months of film festival screenings worldwide, Black Panther Woman premieres on SBS this Sunday 1st October at 9.20 pm.


October 27th, 2015

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One Comment

  1. Jocelyn Davies says:

    Well done Marlene. It’s great to see you tell your story. Stay strong

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