Koori Woman Blues
16 Jun 2014 | Blues - Album

Koori Woman Blues Album


Despite a stellar career as a saxophone player and blues musician herself, with hits like Pension Day Blues, Marlene is only now preparing to release her full debut album.

“This album was recorded in 2005 but this music comes from so deep in Marlene’s heart that it’s been really traumatic for her to let it out and let it go”, says her producer, Richard Field.

“When you listen to this album you’re looking right into the core of who Marlene Cummins is – and that takes enormous courage and honesty. She is completely vulnerable. ”

The album presents a biographical journey; a myriad of political, social and personal experiences that content her lyrics and songs. Comprised of a mixture of original and traditional blues numbers, the album’s centrepiece is the stirring epic blues anthem, Koori Woman. Marlene dedicates this song to Aboriginal women everywhere as they were, in her words, ‘the backbone of the struggle’.

The album features a sterling cast of some of the world’s finest blues musicians including Gil Askey on trumpet, Fiona Boyes on guitar, Buddy Knox on guitar, Ray Beadle on guitar, Jerome Smith on bass guitar, Mark Atkins on didgeridoo, Joel Davis on drums and washboard, Murray Cook on keys, Stefan Sernak (accordion), Andy Baylor (mandolin), Shannon Barnett on trombone, Paul Williamson on baritone sax and Marlene herself on alto/tenor sax.